[End-of-the-year shopping in Seoul] I Market Seoul You Store!

With 2019 coming to an end comes not only the great joy of the holidays but also a big worry of what to get your loved ones for Christmas and The New Year. Also, Lunar New Year is coming up soon with it being in January next year. I had to think not only about gifts to my friends and family but also about what should I get my Korean parents’ in-law for Seollal as well. Even though there are many souvenir stores around the Seoul old town and department stores thrive with possible gift options, this time I decided to go for something different and checked out the “I Market Seoul You” store next to the Seoul city hall and hunted for some unique gifts there!

I Market Seoul You store is a small space, which fits in dozens of local artists and popular creators in one “room” and allows Seoul citizens and visitors of the city to get all their gifts in one place and also grab some personal items (such as cosmetics or snacks) on their way as well. There are dozens of hot items being sold in one space, so anyone old and young, extrovert and introvert, single or a member of a big family – anyone can find there something for themselves.

It is easily reachable from the City Hall subway station. If you got out of City Hall (시청역) exit 4, you will see a cultural space (Seoul citizens hall) on the 1st floor. Go straight and you will see the market on the left. It is impossible to miss as it has a huge I market Seoul you sign at the entrance.

Even though the store is not big in size, it has everything from dried fruits and teas to clothing and even Korean national costume – Hanbok! Some of my favorite items include passport case, handmade mirrors and of course, skincare! Jewelry boxes were super pretty as well, but I am keeping them as a backup idea for my next visit back to Lithuania, so I could give one of each to my aunts and cousin.

Clocks with Korean traditional ornaments looked super beautiful too and they could be a great gift idea to those, who have a big living space and would like to decorate it in a way, which would remind them of the Korean culture.

In addition to that, since 2019 is coming to an end and I market Seoul you are having huge end-of-the-year sales at the moment! Every single item you could encounter there is currently on sale and if you happen to pay with an app “zero pay” you can get an additional discount as well. Also, there are dozen of sale items that have a double discount to that. I would say it is a great deal, even if you are not shopping for gifts, but hoping to treat yourself to something special as well.

Even though I have visited when I was already done with all of my Christmas shopping, I could not resist and got myself a new facial cleanser, as I was conveniently running out of my old one already. Pro-Formula PhytoVita Foaming cleanser is recommended to those who are stressed with moisture-depleted skin. It is said to be not only a cleaner but also a moisturizing facial treatment for sensitive, dry, ruddy and non-elastic skin and has therapeutic benefits, such as softening, refreshing and hydrating the skin after the first use.

Looking at the ingredients, it feels like the cleanser mainly consists of natural and safety patented ingredients, so even those with sensitive skin can use it without worrying too much about possible skin irritation.

The cleaner also has not added scents, so even though the smell might feel weird to those, who are used to a bunch of chemicals in their cosmetics, I actually love unscented, natural skincare products like this one.

In addition to that, this cleanser, as well as other products from the same line has been dermatological tested and certified with the Hypoallergenic certification, which means it can be used by those, who are having a hard time finding suitable skincare products in their daily lives.

This cleanser as well and tons of other fantastic items can be found at the I market Seoul you store at Seoul City Hall station exit 4! The market is connected to the station building itself so you cannot miss it! Make sure to visit this market before the end of the year and use current sales to your advantage! It is also a great option for those, who are traveling in Seoul and looking for some meaningful gifts to bring back home!

If you drop by I market Seoul you let me know how did you like it! Leave a comment down below! Thank you!

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