[Korea Travel] 5 Reasons to visit Samcheok Beach

Samcheok is a medium-sized city in Gangwon province, east coast of South Korea. It is mostly known for its’ beautiful beach and a coastline resort, that, due to its’ unique looks, reminds its’ visitors of the beautiful Santorini island. Even though it receives the majority of vacationers in the summer season when the temperature in Korea reaches the top of the thermometer, I have visited this November and it was the best experience of the month! So, there are five reasons to visit Samcheok beach, regardless of the time of the year!

  1. The air is so clean, you would forget that you are in Korea

In recent years, Korea has been facing the growing problem of pollution, especially in bigger cities, like Seoul. Therefore, the East Coast it cleaner and much more enjoyable at every season, but especially in winter and spring! Even though shallow waters & white sand on the beach are the main reason why people enjoy coming to this beach, pine trees help with cleaning out the air and adding up pleasant natural smell to the whole coastline. In addition to that, coming there off-season will allow you to enjoy the beach peacefully. Since there are not that many people in the area during colder seasons, you can enjoy the real nature of Korea unintruded.

2. Cute cafes that offer you the most beautiful ocean view!

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “East Sea” and “cute cafe” together? Probably most of you would think about the Famous Anmok Cafe street in Gangneung city, where the annual international coffee festival takes place. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Samcheok is no worse than this! Samcheok beach, located just a few kilometers from the city hall, serves home to quite a few beautiful cafes and if you are lucky, you can get an amazing ocean-view seat and enjoy your coffee regardless of the season. I visited “Cafe Another” and got some fresh lemonade to enjoy during my visit.

If you are more of a franchise fan, they also have quite a few chain cafes in the area, so you could do take-out and have a drink on the beach. Don’t forget to collect your trash and throw it to the designated trashcan, instead of leaving in on the beach. 

3. Tones of photo opportunities in the area

Amazing photo zones, beachfront swing chairs & terraces, as well as a full Santorini themed resort & cafe, which will make you feel like you are on a Greek island – all of this can be met in Samcheok. Sol Beach Hotel & Resort Samcheok is the most popular accommodation in the city, due to its’ unique look, reminding people of the real Santorini. Every person, who has visited this place at least once, would probably have a blue&white colored photograph, somewhere on their social media. On, the other hand, the stay in this resort can get quite pricy, especially during the peak season, so many choose to visit the

 4. It is the K-drama paradise

Even though Gangneung is the most popular K-drama city in Gangwon province, Sakcheok Beach has it’s fair share as well. The movies “April Snow (2005)” and “One Fine Spring Day (2001),” and dramas “South of the Sun (2003)” and While You Were Sleeping(SBS, 2017) were filmed here. If you are a fan of Bae Suzy (from Miss A) or the handsome actor Lee Jong-suk, you must visit this beach!

5. In summer, you can learn surfing and padding there!

Both Yangyang and Samcheok beaches are becoming popular places to learn surfing and paddling. At the Samcheok Sol resort, surfing lessons cost 50,000 won (~50$) per session and paddleboard lessons 40,000 won. They also give you a discount to the Aqua World, which makes it a great deal if you are going to stay there for more than a day. 

In conclusion, Samcheok beach can be a good choice for those, who want to escape the big crowds, but still, enjoy the best of the coastline of the Korean peninsula. I would recommend coming there if you love nature, coffee and taking photos. Therefore, this area is not big on nightlife, so if you are a party person, I would rather recommend going to Gangneung instead. 

Visit Samcheok beach no matter what season it is! You will not regret it! Also, it is free! Best dating spot where you could avoid other couples, at least off-season!

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