[Korea Travel] Jeongdongjin Beach and What to Do There

Jeongdongjin Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach in South Gangneung, Gangwon Province and even though it is not as popular as Gyeongpo – the main beach of the city, it is just as beautiful and personally, I think there are even more things to do and see at Jeongdongjin. Plus, you can escape the main crowd too! So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

The first thing one would do after arriving at the Jeongdngjin beach, would probably, enjoying your time at the Hourglass Park. There you can eat some ice cream, have a mini picnic, take some photos of the hourglass or just sit on a bench and literally just watch the time flowing by as the hourglass moves and gives time the form of the beautiful beach sand.

After that, you could visit the Time Museum, which is located in an old train, where 8 its cabins were transformed into exhibition rooms that look like passenger cabins from the outside. The main concept of this museum is “humans and time” and it exhibits various clocks from all over the world as well as gives you a beautiful view of the beach from a terrace cafe at the last section of the museum.

If you decide to stay longer than for a day, I totally recommend spending the night tat the SunCruise Resort & Yacht! This is a hotel, which is shaped just like an actual cruise ship on land. It was opened in 2002 and gained popularity fast after. Due to its unique shape, many people come to visit this place and take pictures even if they don’t stay in the hotel, but for the best experience, I’d say – book a room.

Even though it might get quite pricey on weekends, if you happen to come on a weekday, you might be able to find a luxury suite with an ocean view for less than 200$! (we actually went there during the renovation period and only paid 80$ for a room, so I might be biased too) Just keep in mind that during the peak season this hotel is usually fully booked, so you should keep a lookout on the best rooms and prices as early as possible.

Therefore, if you just want to check out the facilities and an outdoor garden without staying in the hotel, you can do that as well. But keep in mind, that you will need to pay an entrance fee for each visit if you are not staying in the hotel.

One of our main reason for staying the night was to see the famous sunrise at the viewing point installed specially for that reason, but…it was foggy that morning and we could not see the sun itself. A bit disappointing, but I think it was still worth it as even our window view went straight into the ocean!

Another way to see the sunrise at Jeongdongjin beach would be staying the night at the cheaper accommodation options nearby and going out to the beach early in the morning. I am pretty sure it would be just as impressive!

There is also a Railbike track around the Jeongdongjin station and it is quite popular among the visitors, but personally, I did not enjoy it as much, since the ride was quite short and very noisy. If you have never experienced a railbike ride before, it might be a great option for you, but otherwise, I would recommend going to Daecheon Skybike or Kim Yujeong station in Chuncheon as I feel that railbike facilities there are much more accommodating and the prices are more reasonable.

And lastly, even if you did not find anything suitable for you yet, you can just simply…Go to the beach! Surprising? I don’t think so. Just swim, swim, swim…We are at the beach for a reason. After all, Gangneung has the most beautiful coastline in mainland Korea.

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