[Korean Skincare] Tony Moly Fall Essentials

It’s been quite a while since I talked about the skincare with you guys. With the summer ending and fall kicking in, I thought I should share some of my fall essentials with you as well as review by first beauty box from the K-beauty giant Tony Moly I have received around a week ago.

The beauty box contained six different products:
Aloe 99% Chok Chok Soothing Gel
From Ganghwa Pure Artemisia First Essence
From Ganghwa Pure Artemisia Two layering Calming Cream
UV Master Best Friend Sun Stick Special Set
UV Master MIld Sun Cushion
Derma Master Lab Cica Mask

After using all those products from a little over a week, I would like to share my first impression review as well as general thoughts about the products.

Aloe 99% Chok Chok soothing gel is one of the most popular K-beauty trends all over the world. It is taking over Asia, North, and South Americas as well as the whole of Europe, not only it is very simple to use, but also because it contains mostly natural ingredients and is less likely to give you any allergic reactions. It moisturizes and soothens rough skin, especially if it was irritated by dust or ever sunshine and gives it more liveliness. Even though the product is probably the safest to use out of all products in this review, I use it mostly for my hands and body, as for the face, I prefer creams, instead of gels. Besides, it is apparently good for your nails too, which I am testing at the moment.

Pure Artemisia First Essence and the two layering calming cream from the same line, are actually my favorite discoveries this year. I would not even say month or season, but definitely a year. Essence is very light and absorbs into my skin within seconds, thus the cream has a little bit heavier texture to it and takes a little bit more time to absorb.

It comes with a little spoon, which is supposed to make the application process easier, but I prefer using my fingers as then I can feel if it has reaches all areas af my face (and neck, don’t forget to moisturize the neck). The cream is non-sticky and gives you a natural glow after application, which I loved. Therefore, the effect lasts for about 8 to 10 hours only, so I would reccomend using it two times a day (in the morning and the evening), as it would not allow your skin to dry out.

As for the sun protection products, I am using both in two different ways. UV Master Best Friend Sun Stick Special set contains two sun protection sticks (the package might remind you a package of a deodorant, but this is how many sun sticks are provided in Korea) and is supposed to be a couple set. While the pink half is there to tone up yur skin, blue half is actually waterproof and could be used when going to the beach or an outdoor pool. Therefore, I would not use them on my face, as I simply don’t like how most of the sun sticks feel, but my husband was happy to use them all over it.

Personally for me, when it comes to putting something on my face, I prefer the UV Master Mild Sun Cushion. It is less sticky, has a pleasant scent and is easy to apply on your face as it literally looks like a foundation cushion, just instead of a foundation, it is a liquid sunscreen. It does not have any color and adapts to your skin tone, but personally for me, it made my skin look a few shades lighter. Keep in mind that is does not cover your blemishes, so if you plan to use it instead of a foundation, you might be a little bit dissapointed. I would reccomend using it on those days when you want to go makeup-free, but still protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Even though summer is oficially over, you should protect your skin all year around.

And last, but not the least – Derma Master Cica face masks! They don’t contain any mineral oils nor animal origin ingredients, but I was able to notice that there is a small amount of Arachidyl alcohol among the ingredients used, which makes my judgement less than 10/10. I’d give this mask 8/10, just because even though it is light and easy to use, I feel like it would not be smart using it every single day and as a “a mask a day” person, I would like not to be limited to how often I use them. The mask itself is really milky and easily aplicable, so it is a good choice for simple care, but I would take a rest between used or switch them with different sheet masks, as Tony Moly has even more to offer.

In conclusion, I feel like Tony Moly has been improving a lt these days. If in the past I viewed it simply as a decorative cosmetics brand, which focuses on cute packaging, now it has matured into skincare and I totally love it. Pure Artemisia Essence and cream are my hands down favorites this month!

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