[Yongma Land] The not-so Abandoned Amusement Park in Seoul

There are two types of people in the world – those who like abandoned creepy places and those who don’t. Fortunately enough, in Seoul, there is a place, where both types would be satisfied.

Yongma Land (kor. 용마랜드) is an abandoned amusement park in the northeastern Seoul, which is now opened to visitors as a photo studio and a cool outdoor location for your best shots!

It was built back in the 1980s and was supposed to be a family-oriented amusement park,  but after the opening of Lotte World – the most popular Amusement Park in South Korea, Yongma land started losing its’ profits, which resulted into the park closing down in 2011.

As for not, the park is considered to be abandoned, but it still is offering visitors unique dilapidated atmosphere, where they can take pictures or just wander around.

It has become a filming location for such Kpop artists like B2ST (Ribbon, 2016),  BAP (1004 Angel, 2014),  Twice (Like OOH-AHH, 2015), Crayon Pop (Bar Bar Bar, 2013) and many others, so if you are into Kpop, you would recognize many places from the Music videos of your favorite K-pop stars.

It is also used for photo shoots, both by Kpop artists (IU and EXO went there most recently) and by regular people. Many Korean, Chinese and Japanese visitors are also having their wedding photoshoots taken here.

In 2017 Yongma Studio was opened there, so people who are willing to pay an extra fee could be shooting in the newly renovated studio as well.

This place is both, creepy and cute at the same time. Even though there were no accidents that happened in the park, potentially causing its closure, the unused rides and broken parts of various cartoon characters might make you feel uncomfortable, if you come there at a late time.

Therefore, the park is under the constant renovation and is changing as we see it. I have visited there in late 2016 and it looked fairly different from what it looks now. So, even if you have visited once, going again would not hurt you. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific ride or specific area of the park, I would recommend checking in advance, if they are already done with its’ renovation, since when we visited, we could not go on the rooftop bump cars, even though we really hoped to the best view from there.

The entrance fee is 5,000 won (~5$) for regular visitors and 10,000 won for photoshoots.  We came in with cameras, but as we were not professional, 5,000 was the price we paid. In my opinion, it is a fair price, considering the fact that there is always someone checking on the safety of the old rides, which might cause some accidents if unattended.

The park might get crowded during the weekends since most of the photoshoots are being held either on Saturday or Sunday, so I would totally recommend going there on a weekday if only possible. It takes quite a walk from the nearest bus station, so bring your comfortable shoes and get ready for a small hike.

The owner has some beverages for sale in case you might get thirsty, but I would recommend getting some water of a drink of your choice before you get there. Once you are in – enjoy the fun! But don’t forget to wash your hands after that, because all of the equipment in the rides is really old and full of bacteria.  They have bathrooms, so you can do it there as well.

On the final note, I would say – don’t miss the upper part of the park. Many people just look around the main area and don’t even bother going up, but there is some cool stuff there as well! In addition – it opens you a full view of the whole park as well.

Adress: 69-1 Mangu-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours:  9:00 – 18:00
Entrance fee: 5,000 won (Professional photoshoot: 10,000 won)
What to bring: Camera, water, good friends and a smile!
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[Seoul cafe] Drawing with watercolors in Seoul

If you are looking for a place with the countless number or trendy, cool and themed cafes – Seoul is a city just for you.


In Korea, cafe culture is mostly based not on the coffee itself, but on the aesthetics and the way of spending some quality time with your friends, family or significant other. Maybe this is why Korea has a lot to offer when it comes to cafes. Or course, some of them might not have the best quality coffee beans, but you can be sure your instagram feed os going to look amazing!


If you would think of any specific topic or design, most probably you would be able to find a cafe related to it in Seoul or any other major city in South Korea. Animal  and flower cafes have already become regular here and people don’t think about them as something unusual.If you either live in Seoul or just visiting, most likely you are going to stummble upon one of those cafes, spend there some time and maybe take some pictures as well.


Exploring various cafe around Seoul and its’ suburbs have already become quite of a hobby of mine and even though I was posting about them only on Instagram (you can follow me at Agata0710)  before, I thought that sharing my experiences in a blog might be more useful and easier to discover. Who knows, maybe someone would find their next favorite destination after reading one of my posts?


So, even though there are tons and tons of beautiful cafes in Seoul, constantly staying in cafe for coffee, desserts and pictures might become a little bit boring after a while, no matter how cute they would be. This is why we have decided to go somewhere different this time.


“Peach Gray” is a lovely watercolor cafe in Jamsil, where you can express your artistic passion, while having a tasty cup of coffee. Yes, you read correctly – watercolor cafe. So, as you order a drink, you get a piece of paper and a tray with various water colors to draw with. There are also some basic templates, which you can simply color, if you are not confident enough with your drawing skills, but in my opinion, making your own is much more fun.


So, we ordered two drinks and a set of pancakes, to fill us in while we were busy painting. My nut cream coffee was just perfect and pancakes tasted fresh and soft – a big plus for the food.


As for the pictures, Nancy decided to paint me and I ended up with drawing our drinks and finishing it up with some cherry blossoms.
How do you think we managed to fullfil our tasks?

As far as I have heard, this cafe might become really crowded, especially weekends, so I would reccomend going either on weekdays or very early in the morning (they open at 11AM) so you should be at the door then, to get the best seats. ^^

Have fun and get creative!


Peach Gray cafe / 피치그레이
Adress:  Seoul, Songpa-gu, Garak-ro21, 14-1
Opening times: 11AM – 9PM