[Korea Travel] Anmok Coffee Street and Gangneung’s Signature Bread

Did you think that Gangneung is only popular for its’ beaches and beautiful scenery? Well, let me prove you wrong since one more thing it is well known for is something I am even more excited than I am excited about the beach! Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s coffee!

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[Korea Travel] Jeongdongjin Beach and What to Do There

Jeongdongjin Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach in South Gangneung, Gangwon Province and even though it is not as popular as Gyeongpo – the main beach of the city, it is just as beautiful and personally, I think there are even more things to do and see at Jeongdongjin. Plus, you can escape the main crowd too! So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

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[Korea Travel] Picnic Cafe & Relaxing at the Yeongjin Beach

In recent years I have noticed the growing interest in picnic cafes all around Korea and really wanted to check it out for myself. Even though there are many picnic-like cafes in Seoul already, I thought that doing it at the beach would be much more interesting and unusual, so as we visited Gangneung earlier this month, I could not resist myself and took Gyu to the “Essay Cafe” next to the Yeongjn beach, which is mainly known for being a shooting location for hit Korean drama “Goblin”.

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[Korea Travel] What Can You See at the Gyeongpo Aquarium

All the way from Seoul, to different provinces and even Jeju Island, South Korea has quite a few gorgeous aquariums, that would literally trigger anyone’s curiosity about the underwater world. It does not matter if you are a fan of “The Little Mermaid” or “Jaws”, I feel like anyone would be equality fascinated to explore any of the aquariums South Korea has on its’ list of the paces to go. Up until now, I have had only visited aquariums located in Seoul, so when I heard that there is an aquarium in Gangneung too, I decided to give it a shot during my latest visit to this gorgeous coastal city.

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[Korea Travel] Haslla Art World in Gangneung

Do you know what does the world Hassla mean? No, not the hustler, but Hassla. It is an old Korean word, which is actually the old name of Gangneug city at the time of the Three Kingdoms of Korea!

Even though the name of the city was changed to its’ current name – Gangneung, a long time ago, this word remains remembered. An art complex and a hotel named after the ancient city is now one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the area!

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[Gangneug Travel] Deungmyeongnakgasa Temple

Deungmyeongnakgasa Temple (kor. 등명낙가사) in Gangneung city, Gangwon province was a refreshing find during our last trip to this beautiful coastal city. it is located 41 kilometers away from the Gangneung station and is also reachable by public transportation. A single bus ride will take you around 50 minutes to go there, but if prefer being time efficient, you can also take a taxi to get there under 20 minutes instead.

I would recommend dropping by there if you are on your way to Jeongdongjin, as it is the closest station you can find around, even though we came from the Gangneung Station, as taking the KTX was much faster for us, coming from Seoul.

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[Korea Travel] Tongil Park (Unification Park)

Unification Park (kor. Tolgil Park) in Gangneung city, Gangwon province is a two-part tourist attraction, which was opened on September 26, 2001, in hopes of unification and order to raise awareness for security.

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[Travel Korea] Is Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht worth it?

In 2018, right after the Winter Olympic games hosted by South Korea,  Gangneung city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Even though just a few years ago Busan was called the capital of summer tourism, it was replaced the east coast of Korea.
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[Gangneung cafe] Tasting shark lemonade was something I could have not imagined

Every expat in South Korea is probably aware of the fact that Koreans are crazy about cafes. Yes, you heard me right – not coffee, but cafes. Before I came to  Korea I thought that cafes are usually rated by the coffee quality or the variety of coffee beans, yet after living here more almost 3 years I have transformed a lot – now cafe to me is a place to relax and have a unique experience, either it would be an unseen drink, special type of dessert or even beautiful interior design where I could  take tons of pretty pictures.

Speaking of Seoul, cafes here are appearing and disappearing so fast, you cannot even catch up with all of them, right? Even though most of the cafes I have introduced before were located in Seoul – this time I am here with something different!

Cafe Geumjin station is a little container cafe located just in front of the Geumjin port in Gangneung. As you might already know, after the Winter Olympics 2018 Gangneung has become one of the main tourist destinations in Summer in Korea. It has many beautiful beaches and places to explore, so I definintely recommend going there as well!

Yet, this time we have decided to go farther away from the main Gyeongpo-dae, Gangmun and Jumunjin beaches and moved a little bit South, where the beautiful Jeongdonjin beach,  famous thanks to the Sun Cruise Resort (read more about the resort in my next blog) is located. This is where we found this cafe!

Geumjin station is unique in many ways. First  of all, it does not have an address. If you want to go there, you should move towards the Geumjin port and you will see it next to some raw fish restaurants nearby. Second, it has some  very cute drinks, that are going to make your Instagram feed 10 times more interesting! My personal favorite was the “Jumping sharks” lemonade, which had actual sharks inside! Ok, just kidding! It was not shark meat, but cute jelly shaped as this amazing ocean creature and tasting completely amazing! As for the taste, the lemon was quite strong, so take it only if you like sour drinks! Coffee was great though.

When we decided to go to this cafe, we planned to take a bus, but later it came clear that the buses here are coming just 4 times a day! Even though the transportation system in Seoul is great, smaller cities, such as Gangneung are not that well developed, so you might need to hop in a taxi in order to go there. Not worth it? I don’t regret it all all!

The girl working in a cafe that day was really nice to us and she even gave us some melon as a service! A big plus for the hospitality.

They also have a dog so you might need to note that before going. Even though the dog was out at the time we visited, I saw quite a lot of pictures in Instagram of other customers petting it! ^^

On the end note, I would totally recommend visiting it if you happen to be in Jeongdongjin or Geumjin areas, but coming all the way from the main area of Gangneung might be too far for a small cafe.

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Place: Cafe Geumjin Station
Adress: no adress. Just in front of Geumjin port
Opening time: 10 AM
Prices: 2,5$ – 5$