[Korea Travel] Chuncheon Makguksu Museum

Have you ever eating Korean buckwheat noodles – Makguksu? It is a local specialty of the Gangwon province of Korea and is one of the most popular dishes in its’ capital Chuncheon. Makguksu is usually served in cold Kimchi broth. Due to that reason, buckwheat noodles are the most popular in summer but are still widely eaten all throughout the year. Last weekend we have visited the Makguksu museum in Chuncheon and learned how this delicious dish is made.

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[Korea Travel] Samcheok National Museum

When someone hears the words “traveling to a coastal city”, they imagine white sand, beautiful beaches and lots of nature. Samcheok is a city with has all of it, but in addition to that, there are also places, where you can learn about the history & culture of Korea and better yourself in many different ways. During my last visit to Samcheok, I have visited one of those places and it is the Samcheok National Museum.

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[Travel Korea] Spending a day in the autumn paradise at the Nami Island

In recent years, the growing popularity of Nami Island has made it one of, if not the most popular travel destination outside of Seoul. It was opened back in 1965 but gained the most of its’ popularity after an iconic Korean drama “Sinter Sonata” (2002), therefore the growth of its popularity on social media did not start to just a few years ago. With the help of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, Nami island has become a hot place for tourists, as opposed to it being a quiet date location in the past.

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[Korea Travel] 5 Reasons to visit Samcheok Beach

Samcheok is a medium-sized city in Gangwon province, east coast of South Korea. It is mostly known for its’ beautiful beach and a coastline resort, that, due to its’ unique looks, reminds its’ visitors of the beautiful Santorini island. Even though it receives the majority of vacationers in the summer season when the temperature in Korea reaches the top of the thermometer, I have visited this November and it was the best experience of the month! So, there are five reasons to visit Samcheok beach, regardless of the time of the year!

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[Korea Travel] Nostalgia of the Daegaya People in Chuncheon National Museum

Chuncheon National Museum (국립춘천박물관) was open in Chuncheon, Gangwon province on October 30, 2002. It is an open space to learn and experience the culture and history of Gangwon province, which is often being forgotten in the shadow of big, touristy cities, such as Seoul of Busan.

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[Festivals in Korea] Chuncheon Inrnational Mime Festival 2019!

We finally made it! We visited Chuncheon International Mime festival this year and totally loved it! I have been wanting to visit this festival since I first came to Korea and finally we have made time to visit it in 2019. As you might have already guessed from the title, Korea’s mime festival is traditionally being held in Chuncheon – a lovely town about 2 hours away from Seoul.

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[Korea Travel] Gangwon Nature Environment ​Research Park

What comes to your mind, when you think about traveling in South Korea? Big cities like Seoul, K-pop, traditional palaces and temples or maybe, food? I have recently discovered one more thing I just love about Korea and it is actually nature!

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[Korea Travel] Lee Sangwon Museum of Art in Chuncheon

What comes to your mind when you think of a word museum? A boring space in the middle of your town which no one ever visits? Well, that might not always be the case!

Living in Korea for almost 4 years has taught me that if you look hard enough, you can find anything here. Even places would have never thought could exist.

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[Korea Travel] Haslla Art World in Gangneung

Do you know what does the world Hassla mean? No, not the hustler, but Hassla. It is an old Korean word, which is actually the old name of Gangneug city at the time of the Three Kingdoms of Korea!

Even though the name of the city was changed to its’ current name – Gangneung, a long time ago, this word remains remembered. An art complex and a hotel named after the ancient city is now one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the area!

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[Gangneug Travel] Deungmyeongnakgasa Temple

Deungmyeongnakgasa Temple (kor. 등명낙가사) in Gangneung city, Gangwon province was a refreshing find during our last trip to this beautiful coastal city. it is located 41 kilometers away from the Gangneung station and is also reachable by public transportation. A single bus ride will take you around 50 minutes to go there, but if prefer being time efficient, you can also take a taxi to get there under 20 minutes instead.

I would recommend dropping by there if you are on your way to Jeongdongjin, as it is the closest station you can find around, even though we came from the Gangneung Station, as taking the KTX was much faster for us, coming from Seoul.

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