[Korean Skincare] Tony Moly Fall Essentials

It’s been quite a while since I talked about the skincare with you guys. With the summer ending and fall kicking in, I thought I should share some of my fall essentials with you as well as review by first beauty box from the K-beauty giant Tony Moly I have received around a week ago.

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[K-Beauty] Kocostar Products You Need To Try

Korea is a country, widely known for its beauty products and skincare.  Even though a few years ago only those who were either living in Korea or highly interested in Korean culture, were aware of the K-beauty phenomena, but in 2018 almost every woman (and some men) on planet earth knows why Korean women usually have perfect skin and are aging really well.

Just a little bit more than 10 years ago Korean cosmetic products became available to the outside world, but it is growing at a speed of light. If back then we knew up to 10 major Korean cosmetic companies, now the number is uncountable.

Last weekend I had a chance to participate in CosmoBeauty Seoul 2018, exhibition and get to hear about the new hottest trends in Korean beauty industry as well as to try out some yet to release cosmetic products. I was lucky enough to get a chance to get to know some cosmetic brands I have never heard about before and I totally fell in love with some and Kocostar is definitely one of them!

Since in my opinion, skincare is more important than makeup, I have got some masks to help to improve my skin condition. Usually, I am spending too much time on the computer, so my eyes are the first one to suffer.  And I guess nobody likes tired-looking under eyes, am I right? So the first product I have got is Kocostar’s Tropical Eye Patch Acai Berry edition.

It is basically a hydrogel undereye patch, which is supposed to help your undereye area keep moisturized and stay young longer. The principle is quite simple – you take a patch,  put it on your undereye and keep it there for 10 to 15 minutes.

I really liked how it felt on my skin and applying makeup on the next day was much easier than it normally is  – I did not have my BB cream sinking into my undereye wrinkles ^^” In addition, this product has no scent at all, so it does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. The package includes 60 patches, so if you use it every day, it is going to be enough for a month. Therefore, I would prefer doing this 2 to 3 times a week instead.

When my eyes are already taken care of, it is time for the lips! Kocostart hydrogen lip mask works in the same principle as the eye patches. You take one sheet and put it on your lips. The recommended time is  10 minutes, but personally, I would keep it longer, especially if you have dry and chappy lips as I do.

The package includes 20 patches and not to mention it is incredibly cute! Do you have any ideas for reusing it after I finish the product? I think that it would perfectly serve as an accessory box. Let’s help the environment!

As any other Korean cosmetic company, Kocostar also offers a variety of one-use face masks, that are supposed to hydrate, clean, revitalize and soften your skin. I’ve got to try two of those – Camelia and Black. Even though both of the masks felt averagely similar to the other masks I’ve tried before, I would say that the concentrate of the Binchotan charcoal is much higher than usual, so it would bring a better effect! Totally recommend this one!

Therefore, I would mention that all of the Korean face masks, regardless of the company are too big for me, so even if I want to take pictures, they all end up looking really wrinkled. I feel like western and Asian face shape is somewhat different, so it will not fit perfectly.

Last but not the least are Foot and hand Moisture packs, which come in a form of socks and gloves. Even though those are actually for your body, beauty is not only in your face, right? As a person who has extremely dry hands, that kind of hand packs are the blessing. I could see some incredible results just after one use, but my hands were as dry as usual on the next day. I think, in order to get the long-term results, you would need to use them more often.

I will wrap my review here, as there are no more products to talk about this time.  Therefore, the upcoming blogs are going to feature more of K-beauty and skincare! I am getting addicted.

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