[Korea Travel] Chuncheon Makguksu Museum

Have you ever eating Korean buckwheat noodles – Makguksu? It is a local specialty of the Gangwon province of Korea and is one of the most popular dishes in its’ capital Chuncheon. Makguksu is usually served in cold Kimchi broth. Due to that reason, buckwheat noodles are the most popular in summer but are still widely eaten all throughout the year. Last weekend we have visited the Makguksu museum in Chuncheon and learned how this delicious dish is made.

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[Travel Korea] Kim You Jeong Literature Village in Chuncheon

“My hometown is up in the mountains of Gangwon province. Walk along the ridge for a few miles you will reach a small village. It’s a cozy place encircled by giant hills, thus resembling a deep-sunken rice cake steamer. This is why people call it “Sile” which in Gangwon dialect means “rich cake steamer”
Kim You Jeong

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[Korea travel] Chuncheon Folk Flea Market

When it comes to Asia, despite the fact that their primary purpose is not ever related to tourism, markets are always one of the main tourist attractions in every city, you’d ever go to. Chuncheon is not an exception and has to offer even more than a regular person would ever expect. In addition to its normal markets scattered all around the city, there is also a Chuncheon Folk Flea Market (kor. 춘천 풍물시장 ), which was created by over 80 street sellers from Chuncheon’s main commercial district and has become one of the most interesting, liveliest markets within the city

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[Korea Travel] Wonju Hanji Theme Park

Do you know what does Hanji mean? It is a Korean word, which means Korean Hand-made paper inner bark of paper mulberry. Because of the original materials used, as well as the way of making this paper, Hanji is very soft, but strong at the same time and is believed to be very strong and not decompose as easily as regular paper does. This is one of the main reasons why Hanji was used not only as regular paper but also to make certain kinds of clothing an interior details. In the past, it was widely used, even as a part of the furniture, and remains an important part of Korean culture up to this day.

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[What to do in Korea in Winter] Hwacheon Sancheono Ice Festival

Have you ever lived in a country for so long, you thought you’ve seen everything? I haven’t!

Living in Korea makes me want to travel more and more and by travel, I don’t mean traveling abroad. There is so much to see inside the country, I can’t even imagine how long it will take me to see everything, so I decided to put one foot forward and start traveling more this year! Maybe it will help me to push my blog a little bit as well 🙂

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