[Travel Korea] Ocean World

Korea is known for its amazing amusement parks, some of them being water-related. Ocean World Water Amusement Park, located in Gangwon Province’s Vivaldi Park Resort, right next to the Palbongsan mountain is one of the most popular water parks in South Korea.

It is designed to look like an Egyptian Oasis, which would remind you of some kind of a mirage when you are traveling throughout the dessert. Pyramids, Sphinx and dozens of Egyptian deities are going to make you feel like you are out of Korea for a moment.

The park consists of an Indoor one (open all year round), mega slide zone outdoors and an extreme zone which is also located in the outdoor part of the park. The extreme zone is the most exciting one, therefore you have to keep in mind that it is the most crowded one as well.

It is unarguable that the Surfing Mount, also known as the Wave pool is the most popular attraction in the park. I am guessing, that the main reason for that is it has the 2.4-meter waves, that are the biggest artificial waves in South Korea. There are two different levels for the wave strength so make sure to catch the biggest one if you can!

Another fun attractions which we have totally enjoyed were the Extreme River and The Double Spong tube water slide from the Mega Slide zone. Since we visited in September, when the park is not in high season, we were able to go on those rides quite a few times, as there were little to no lines! I guess going on a weekday helped our case quite a bit too.

I filmed our experience so you could see how much fun we had in the park. Please refer to this video for more detailed impressions.[YouTube]

As soon as you get your tickets and get in through the gates, you are required to take off your shoes and put them into a shoe rack. Then, if you are thinking about getting some food inside the amusement park facilities or you need to rent either a towel or a life jacket, you are supposed to get a coin wrist strap and charge it with an equivalent amount of cash you are thinking to spend. Ocean World is prepaid, so you cannot use your cash nor card in the park. In case if you don’t use all of the funds you charged into your strap, you can get a refund for the remaining balance when you are leaving the park.

Fame and female dressing rooms are separated, so make sure to follow the signs and go to the correct one. If you are traveling as a couple, you can meet your significant other after you have changed into your swimming clothes and taken a shower.

As for the outfit, you can wear your regular swimwear, but keep in mind that Koreans are very modest, so you will see many people wearing T-shirts and shorts or something similar to a surfing gear. Koreans don’t like showing much skin, so if you are going to walk around in a bikini you might get some stares. Therefore, you are totally allowed to wear it if you want.

If you are planning to go to the Extreme Zone, I would recommend renting a life jacket even if you know how to swim because the only way to get into some of the most exciting attractions is to wear it.

Even though it is heavily crowded in summer and in winter, more people are keen on visiting the Vivaldi Park Skiing facilities, indoor part of the park is open all year round, so you could also enjoy a refreshing spa experience after skiing if you end up visiting in winter as well.

In conclusion, I would recommend this park to anyone who is exciting about the adrenaline rush, water activities and also to those, who just want to enjoy their time in a warm spa, as the park offers quite a lot of spa facilities as well.

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